A safe flight execution and quality assurance are foremost the result of a team effort, with a pilot in command flying the RPA and a dedicated and experienced payload officer controlling the camera. The client can witness and supervise the data acquisition in realtime via a separate high-quality 4K field monitor.
CloudRunner.ai aims at improving the clients’ decision making proces by offering unmanned data acquisition & professional data processing in a fast, safe and cost friendly way.
Control- & inspectionflights

CloudRunner.ai delivers drone based services for inspection and control purposes with a focus on safety, minimizing operational impact, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

We work closely together with site engineers and (third party) inspectors to prepare and plan for the services in all its aspects. By improving the planning stage, we make sure that the job gets done safely and quickly with little to no operational disturbance. The choice of aircraft and payload in combination with an experienced pilot and payload officer, is key to our success.

Depending upon the task ahead we can deploy a multitude of cameras for visual and/or thermal inspection. The inspector can witness and guide the inspection by looking ‘on the fly' through the camera by means of a field monitor, or we can live video stream the images straight to the inspection and control room.

Mapping & Surveying

Within a single automated flight, a camera equipped rpas can collect geo-referenced imagery that can be transformed into a precise, georeferenced digital 3D copy of your site.

The collected data can be used for a multitude of applications, such as cut and fill volume calculations, site surveys to measure site progress or to draft geo-accurate as-built plans, traffic management, flood prediction models, 3D building models etc.

By using a professional flight planning tool, every single aspect of the flight (*) can be planned and well coordinated with the client. The combination of state-of-the-art material operated by professional pilots and payload officers and the use of software tools such as DJI Pilot, UgCS, Agisoft, Pix4D and Autodesk, allows us the meet the high quality standards required by our industrial clients.

(* flight aspects: the flight path, height and speed, choice of drone and camera, camera- and gimbal settings, camera trigger intervals etc )

Corporate video & photography

In today’s digital age, companies cannot afford to go without creative, high quality photo and video content as part of their marketing strategy, both offline and online. The increasing power of compelling video content is unmatched in todays digital world and is key to build and promote your brand image and to engage your audience.

CloudRunner.ai offers companies high quality photo- and video production services that will highlight the best imagery of your industry and brand, going from headshot photography and executive portraits to field video and photography. Our experienced photographers capture the most intriguing aspects of your company, emphasizing the quality of your product and/or services rendered.

By visualizing what you do and how you do it, we offer you the right content to make customers relate better to your business and to build your brand, to engage your customers and to create customer loyalty.  

visual (and thermal) inspection of wind turbines

visual (and thermal) inspection of flare tips

thermal inspection of exhaust gasses

visual (and thermal) inspection of power lines

orthomosaic modelling (exported to geoTIFF for post-processing in GIS and AutoCAD software)

detailed photography of technical installations (possibility to process images into 2D/3D models)

digital elevation model for cut and fill calculation (exported to geoTIFF for post-processing in AutoCAD software like Civil3D)

detailed photography of industrial installations (possibility to process images into 2D/3D models)

Fields of expertise




Industry / Chemistry



Meet our range of professional drones

DJI Mavic 2 Pro quadcopter

DJI M600 Pro hexacopter

DJI Mavic Dual Enterprise


We have a solution for all possible applications

SONY A7RIII system camera

SONY A7RIII system camera

The Sony A7 system cameras, mounted on a Ronin MX gimbal, lend themselves excellently to aerial imagery. For mapping & surveying assignments, we mainly mount the Sony A7 III camera with 24MP full-frame sensor and a 35mm ZEISS Loxia lens. For corporate video & photography, we apply the Sony A7 RIII (42MP sensor) with lenses from the Zeiss Batis series, for additional post-processing flexibility.

Used in combination with: DJI M600 Pro

Workswell WIRIS Pro

Workswell WIRIS Pro

The high-tech WIRIS Pro camera is the top-notch amongst the thermal inspection & controle camera's. Thanks to its weight and size, this camera is ideal for aerial applications in a very demanding, high-risk industrial environments. The WIRIS Pro camera combines a thermal LWIR microbolometric 640x512px  sensor with a full HD (1920 x 1080 px) RGB camera with 10x optical zoom.

Used in combination with: DJI M600 Pro

BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

With it's relatively small size and light weight and in combination with the M600 Pro, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is perfectly suited for aerial cinematography. It's Four Thirds censor records in 4K DCI and 4K UHD up to 60p, full HD up to 120p, all in BRAW or in Prores for ultimate quality and flexibility in post production. The ability to work with a wide selection of interchangeable lenses further expands it's flexibility and usability in the field, making it the perfect choice for high quality productions.

Used in combination with: DJI M600 Pro

DJI zenmuse Z30 zoom-camera

DJI zenmuse Z30 zoom-camera

When it comes down to capturing images from a distance, the Z30 zoom camera is the way forward. On the fly, the inspector and payload officer can zoom out to get a quick overview of the site and zoom in (30x optical zoom with 6x digital zoom) on specific details while the pilot safely operates the aircraft. The Z30 integrates seamlessly with the M600 Pro aerial platform, making data collection faster and signifcantly safer for both personnel and equipment

Used in combination with: DJI M600 Pro

Hasselblad 20MP camera

Hasselblad 20MP camera

This Hasselblad camera is a state-of-the-art aerial camera. With its powerfull 20MP 1 » sensor, it offers great lowlight shooting capabilities. Thanks to its size and weight, the Mavic 2 Pro system in the hands of an experieced pilot is a professional tool for high-quality aerial fotography and visual inspection. Thanks to the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS), images are captured with the utmost colour accuracy.

Used in combination with: DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Flir termal camera

Alongside it’s 12MP RGB camera, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual also carries a Flir thermal camera making it a small but powerful inspection tool. Even with it’s small thermal resolution, this drone is perfectly suited for many use cases going from indoor inspections where bigger drones or cameras won’t reach, residential rooftop or solar panel inspections, to hotspot detection for fire fighting and SAR missions where a fast deployment time is critical.  

Used in combination with: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual


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Why CloudRunner?

Discover what sets CloudRunner apart

Approved Ops Manual needed to perform flights in high risk environments

A team of 5 experienced professional pilots for guaranteed continuity

VCA-VOL Safety for supervisors certified pilots for safe working procedures

State-of-the-art RPAS tailored with specialised equipment to guarantee the right tools for each application

Professional data processing software (DJI Pilot, UgCS flight Planning, Agisoft Metashape Professional, Pix4D, …)

Vast experience in image post-processing (video & photography)

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